Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated by Maddie from thatplacecalledhere to do the Blogger Recognition award so thank you Maddie! This was so sweet of you. I think its great that these tags are created to get to know the bloggers. Let’s get to it!

Why I started my blog?

Last summer I had a photography website and I enjoyed writing too so I developed it into my blog. I love being creative and talking about my passions with everyone. Plus I was going through a bad time around Christmas regarding my mental health to the point I had to leave my job and I couldn’t go out. My blog has helped me connect with so many people and it has kept my brain occupied so I’m not sat staring at the ceiling in bed. I’m on my gap year and this is a great thing to do (especially if you want to go into writing).

I love the blogging community and I have made so many friends and I’m so grateful for their support!! You know who you are! This community is so active and all about helping one another!

Now I nominate

  1. ItsAllZara
  2. ImSophiaLeigh
  3. CodyEWard
  4. PaleGirlRambling
  5. BeautyBlitzBlog
  6. MidnightLace
  7. Mademoiselle
  8. HelloLizzieBee
  9. SaffronWatson
  10. TheTypicalBeautyBlog
  11. Sisterofthemoon
  12. goingplacesanddoingstuff
  13. aroraappleby
  14. ellesbellesnotebook
  15. whimsicella

What you have to do!

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

Write a post about your award and give a brief story on why you started your blog

Select 15 bloggers to give this award to

Let each person know that you have nominated them for this award

Can’t wait to read them guys!





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